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The time a pool takes for its completion depends on various factors. The pool size, design, customization, inspections, etc. Normally, it takes a few weeks to months. Choosing a reliable contractor is important to avoid unnecessary delays. If you plan on building one and want to know how long it takes to build a pool, read this blog to learn what to plan.

Initial Consideration (2-3 weeks)

When it comes to pool construction, the key points that should be kept in mind include the following;

Choosing Pool Type

One of the very first steps is to decide the type of pool. There are options for in-ground pools and above-the-ground pools as well. Factors that include the material, such as concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl, the size, shape, depth, and any customization like a water slide will be decided in this step. Concrete pools can be customized while quick installation can be achieved using fiberglass for pools. 

Research and Permission

Doing proper research on the laws and regulations and getting permits is necessary. To ensure that you are following the rules and regulations, keep a follow-up with local authorities. 

Design and Planning

Once you get the permits, it’s time to design your pool. Any unique features like a built-in spa or waterfall can be added according to your choice and preference. You can design your pool to blend in with your existing building. After all these steps, the finalized design and structure need to be approved by the local authorities.

Pre-Construction Phase (2-4 weeks)

After the initial finalization comes the pre-construction phase, the magic happens here so some important steps should be kept in mind. 

Site Preparation

It is all about cleaning the area for the construction, leveling the ground, and ensuring that the drainage is working properly. The area where the pool will be constructed should be cleared of debris and rocks to have a leveled surface. Then, the land will be dug out, creating a hole in the pool. 

Pool Layout

In this step, the pool’s size, shape, and depth are decided. It’s all about creativity, whether you want a classic or a modern one, to bring your vision to life.

Material Supply

To make sure that your pool is visually appealing and functioning you need to take care of plumbing, filtration system, fencing, and decking, and the proper material supply is all done in this step. Essential components and materials for the construction should be ordered at this point. Their delivery and storage should then be taken care of. 

Construction Phase (4-8 weeks)

Now that we have covered the construction phase, let’s move toward the most exciting phase. This is the step where all the vision will come to life. The steps to keep in mind here include:

Pool Structure

It involves the creation of a solid foundation for the pool’s walls. It will ensure the strength and durability of the pool. Concrete pouring and fiberglass placement are the most commonly used methods when building a pool structure. 

System Installation

It is all about adding the essential components like the lighting, electric system, tiles, and interior finishing. Proper lighting installation will improve the pool’s visual appearance, especially at evening times or pool parties. Choosing the right type of tile with the right color and texture will completely transform the look of your pool.

Structure Finalization

The last step is to finalize the structure. Adding the final touches to the tiles, deck, and fencing for project completion. Installing a fence is a legal requirement for pool construction. It is necessary because it provides safety for the family and visitors. 

Post-Construction Phase ( 1-2 weeks)

Now that we have completed the construction phase, let’s dive into the post-construction phase. This time is exciting as you have the pool in front of your eyes. During this phase, the goal is maintenance, safety, and enjoyment. You need to maintain a regular maintenance routine to keep your pool safe and maintained. The steps that should be followed during this phase include:

Filling The Pool 

Make sure the water being used to fill the pool is clean. Then comes the balancing, once the pool is filled with water it should be chemically treated and balanced. It involves treating the water with the right chemicals to maintain its pH and sanitize it thoroughly. Regular testing should be done to adjust the chemical levels.

Final Touches

It is time for the final touches that will serve as the cherry on top of your pool. This is the step where you can add your customized touch. Some plants, adding flowers, and making a beautiful area for sunbathing or sitting will enhance the overall beauty. You don’t want to forget about the cleanup at this point. Clean the debris from construction to ensure the pool area is ready.


Moving towards the final stage, which is the inspection. The local authorities will check for the safety and regulation requirements. They will make sure that all the codes have been followed. After the inspection, the pool is ready to enjoy. 

If you are the contractor then it’s time to hand over the pool to its owner after ensuring everything is in order.

Final Say!

The timeline for building a pool can depend on many factors such as the type of pool, the pool size, the material used, the preparation of the site for cleaning, the installation of the important features, and the time taken for approval from the local authorities. All of this can take from a few weeks to months. Smaller and simpler pools will be completed earlier (6-8 weeks) than larger, more complex designs (8-14). During the construction process, it is important to keep in contact with the contractor. It will take time, but the result will be worth waiting for

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